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Hello, I am DJ Ghost, your Brazilian friend. I’m from the vinyl era, and since the 80s I’ve been “infiltrated” in the metal scene, I was taken over by the love of bass with Iron Maiden that was the biggest influence in the beginning and after meeting Faith no More and Mr. Bungle he never […]

Music is pure emotion. Music is pure passion. Music is my passion. Emotions and passions are subjective. We all feel differently and yet we often feel the same. I compose my radio programs according to the feelings that music evokes in me. Music makes me feel. It doesn't matter when it was composed, who composed it, where it was written or what genre it comes from. I want to share those feelings with you. They are the thread that runs through all my programs. My name is Viktor Büttner. I live in Berlin, Germany. Music is my passion and I am a self-confessed concert junkie. I discovered my love for radio in 1981 and started presenting my first programs. In 2005 I had to give up my job, which I thought was my calling, early. In order not to become a "cabbage on the sofa", I was forced to look for a new job. It had always been my dream to talk to the musicians I admired from afar and listen to their stories. In 2007 I was ready and dared to live this dream. Over the years, my hobby became my profession, and my dream came true. I have new dreams and I live them as best I can. Since 2009, I have conducted about 1500 interviews. Today, my job has become my hobby again and I'm living it as long as I can.

My love for all things Hard Rock/Heavy Metal began when my older brother David (AKA Scapegoat to long-time listeners of The Metal Mike Show) brought home a copy of KISS Alive in early 1976 when I was only 5 years old. Upon gazing at the cover, I was at first somewhat apprehensive about the four individuals with kabuki make up and outlandish costumes. Dave, knowing of my love for comic book superheroes presented it as these four individuals, were in fact, superheroes that played music. He then removed the record from the sleeve and placed it on our parents turntable and dropped the needle, from the minute I heard the roar of the crowd with the announcer proclaiming “You wanted the best and you got it, the hottest band in the land) KISS!!!!!!”, (They hadn’t quite conquered the world yet), with the accompanying guitar riff and subsequent explosion, My world was never the same. After that, my brothers and I were introduced to Black Sabbath courtesy of a family friend and there was no turning back. My love for all things Hard Rock/Heavy Metal has never wavered. I have been an online radio DJ since May of 2015 and I am still going strong to this day! Becoming an online radio DJ/Personality and Podcaster has been the greatest decision I have ever made. While I truly do love all types of music, Hard Rock & Heavy Metal has been and always will be my first love! To put it succinctly I live Metal, love Metal and will remain Metal until my dying breath. You can listen to the Metal Mike Show with DJ Metal Mike and my Co-Host Billdo For Realdo AKA Bill Roseberry every Friday night right here at Cranium Radio from 8 PM to 1 AM EST where we play all types of Hard Rock/Heavy Metal along with all of its myriad subgenres as well as artists/bands that were influential to the creation and evolution of Hard Rock/Heavy Metal. There is truly something for every type of fan of Hard Rock/Heavy Metal on The Metal Mike Show. When I'm not busy being DJ Metal Mike, I work as an Infection Preventionist Nurse at a long-term healthcare facility, I'm also a huge movie buff, an avid reader of all things Sc-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror, as well as comic books, a huge old-School muscle car enthusiast, particularly Mopars as well as a casual gamer.

I’ve always been surrounded by music. One of my earliest memories was looking and listening to my folks Beatles cassettes. Seeing KISS one Saturday on television during the reunion era was, as corny as it sounds, nothing short of life changing. I was immediately hooked and had finally found “my band.” Sure I had hand-me down cassettes from my folks and older brother, but KISS was the first band I found for myself. From there on it was a like treasure hunt for their contemporaries and getting into AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper and the list goes on. Growing up in “Heavy Metal Capital Of The World” San Antonio, TX made finding things like this easy. Mario Munoz hosted the Classic Metal Show on KZEP 104.5 which ran from Sundays 9 PM to 1 AM was a crash course in all this. Late night VH-1 countdowns and videos were another huge influence and a bridge between the bands I loved and the bands I would soon fall for. Frank Zappa, MC5, Husker Du, Grateful Dead were all discovered then. After moving to South Carolina, in college I work at a record store that was the absolute best place to get educated in all genres of music. John Coltrane, Ernest Tubb, 13th Floor Elevators, Return To Forever, on and on, all this amazing stuff I’d probably never gravitate towards became the soundtrack of my life. And it hasn’t slowed down. I’m still buying the magazines, reading the band bios, always looking for something new to me, and still buying physical media. Quick notes: My favorite bands are Grateful Dead, Frank Zappa, Rolling Stones, Blue Oyster Cult, Pink Floyd, Miles Davis… Top Five Favorite Albums: 1. MC5 - Kick Out The Jams 2. Led Zeppelin- II 3. Beatles - Revolver 4. Allman Brothers Band - At Fillmore East 5. 13th Floor Elevators - Bull Of The Woods

Hello, I'm DJ Gemini. Nice to meet you! A little about me: I'm from Central Pennsylvania. Whether it was always stealing my parents' vinyl as a kid and/or making some kind of vinyl/cassette trade in school (later CDs). Like most DJs, music has been a part of my life literally since birth. There was always music playing in the house and car. I also hung out at the local radio station when I could, just watching eagerly to do what they did. I'm a music lover in general and depending on the mood my taste can go from the mellowest oldie to the heaviest of heavy but I am always 100% open-minded to any genre. I also like to think I have a fun sense of humor. LOL! By the way, My show is called Totally Tubular and you can listen to me on Mondays 4 pm to 7 pm (EST) where I will bring you New Wave, punk, ska, alternative, and did I mention lots of 80's? We'll dance, laugh & reminisce through the power of music! Anything else you'd like to know or ask, hit me up in the chatroom during my show! I am seriously grateful for this opportunity and to be here!

“G’day legends my name is Jai That Aussie Metal Guy and I will be hosting The Heavy Shift on Cranium Radio, I have been involved in music media for the last 6+ years co running a popular webzine and doing podcasts. I have done close to 500 interviews with so many great bands from Max […]

Hey there – nice to meet you…I’m The Metal Mistress hailing from New York Metropolitan area. Growing up I was inspired by the classic voices and playlists of some of New York City’s greatest DJs like Cousin Brucie, Dan Ingram, Carol Miller, The Nightbird; Alison Steele, Wolfman Jack, Scott, Muni, Tony Pigg, Pat St. John, […]

Any time the station doesn’t have a live DJ, I am on the air! I Love all genres of music, I love the artistic freedom to play what ever is in the station’s library!

I am Psychosin, Metal dj for 8 years as of the writing of this. Joined cranium in 2020, Have been several things apart from a DJ. These include a goth model, a vocalist for a death metal band, and currently in the non music world work as a security guard. I also run a Youtube […]

A creeping tempo. Guitar sound that you can feel the thickness. A wall of distortion. Dissonance, despair and dread. DOOM. It started as an idea to get underground music to the masses. I created a Podcast to showcase bands in the Stoner, Doom and Sludge scene. As the Podcast gained momentum I joined Cranium Radio. […]

DJing was something I always wanted to do & was given the opportunity back in April of 2012. I named the show The Metallicave because I was and still am a huge Metallica fan and being the studio was in my basement the “Cave” part of the name just fit. Doin g my show I […]

DJ Spyder is from Mass playing Industrial metal local and from all around the world. Industrial Espionage Plays: 1 hour of industrial 1 hour of indie industrial ! Hour of industrial Metal Come Join DJ Spyder for Industrial Espionage