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My love for all things Hard Rock/Heavy Metal began when my older brother David (AKA Scapegoat to long-time listeners of The Metal Mike Show) brought home a copy of KISS Alive in early 1976 when I was only 5 years old. Upon gazing at the cover, I was at first somewhat apprehensive about the four individuals with kabuki make up and outlandish costumes. Dave, knowing of my love for comic book superheroes presented it as these four individuals, were in fact, superheroes that played music. He then removed the record from the sleeve and placed it on our parents turntable and dropped the needle, from the minute I heard the roar of the crowd with the announcer proclaiming “You wanted the best and you got it, the hottest band in the land) KISS!!!!!!”, (They hadn’t quite conquered the world yet), with the accompanying guitar riff and subsequent explosion, My world was never the same. After that, my brothers and I were introduced to Black Sabbath courtesy of a family friend and there was no turning back. My love for all things Hard Rock/Heavy Metal has never wavered. I have been an online radio DJ since May of 2015 and I am still going strong to this day! Becoming an online radio DJ/Personality and Podcaster has been the greatest decision I have ever made. While I truly do love all types of music, Hard Rock & Heavy Metal has been and always will be my first love! To put it succinctly I live Metal, love Metal and will remain Metal until my dying breath. You can listen to the Metal Mike Show with DJ Metal Mike and my Co-Host Billdo For Realdo AKA Bill Roseberry every Friday night right here at Cranium Radio from 8 PM to 1 AM EST where we play all types of Hard Rock/Heavy Metal along with all of its myriad subgenres as well as artists/bands that were influential to the creation and evolution of Hard Rock/Heavy Metal. There is truly something for every type of fan of Hard Rock/Heavy Metal on The Metal Mike Show. When I’m not busy being DJ Metal Mike, I work as an Infection Preventionist Nurse at a long-term healthcare facility, I’m also a huge movie buff, an avid reader of all things Sc-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror, as well as comic books, a huge old-School muscle car enthusiast, particularly Mopars as well as a casual gamer.