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I’ve always been surrounded by music. One of my earliest memories was looking and listening to my folks Beatles cassettes.
Seeing KISS one Saturday on television during the reunion era was, as corny as it sounds, nothing short of life changing. I was immediately hooked and had finally found “my band.” Sure I had hand-me down cassettes from my folks and older brother, but KISS was the first band I found for myself. From there on it was a like treasure hunt for their contemporaries and getting into AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper and the list goes on. Growing up in “Heavy Metal Capital Of The World” San Antonio, TX made finding things like this easy. Mario Munoz hosted the Classic Metal Show on KZEP 104.5 which ran from Sundays 9 PM to 1 AM was a crash course in all this.

Late night VH-1 countdowns and videos were another huge influence and a bridge between the bands I loved and the bands I would soon fall for.
Frank Zappa, MC5, Husker Du, Grateful Dead were all discovered then.

After moving to South Carolina, in college I work at a record store that was the absolute best place to get educated in all genres of music. John Coltrane, Ernest Tubb, 13th Floor Elevators, Return To Forever, on and on, all this amazing stuff I’d probably never gravitate towards became the soundtrack of my life.

And it hasn’t slowed down. I’m still buying the magazines, reading the band bios, always looking for something new to me, and still buying physical media.

Quick notes:
My favorite bands are Grateful Dead, Frank Zappa, Rolling Stones, Blue Oyster Cult, Pink Floyd, Miles Davis…

Top Five Favorite Albums:
1. MC5 – Kick Out The Jams
2. Led Zeppelin- II
3. Beatles – Revolver
4. Allman Brothers Band – At Fillmore East
5. 13th Floor Elevators – Bull Of The Woods