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Hey there – nice to meet you…I’m The Metal Mistress hailing from New York Metropolitan area. Growing up I was inspired by the classic voices and playlists of some of New York City’s greatest DJs like Cousin Brucie, Dan Ingram, Carol Miller, The Nightbird; Alison Steele, Wolfman Jack, Scott, Muni, Tony Pigg, Pat St. John, Jim Kerr and Howard Stern, as well as local icons Curtis Kay and Frank Garrity. If you grew up here anywhere from the 60s – 80s.…you know these names well.

Music has been in my veins thicker than blood as long as I can remember. As a child I grew up listening and signing along to my parent’s music (church music, Lawrence Welk, big bands), classics from the 60s and 70s and the classic 77 WAaaaaaaBC AM radio (lol…if you know, you know). At 10 years old I knew (and sang as loud as I could, much to my neighborhood’s dismay) every word to every song on Joni Mitchell’s Court and Spark album, as well as Don McLean’s American Pie. I then discovered the theatrics of Hair, Godspell and Jesus Christ Superstar which set me on a course to be in the spotlight, comfortable on stage and speaking in public. At 12 years old, I purchased the first album of my own with babysitting money…Kiss’s iconic Destroyer. Down came the Osmunds and Jackson 5 posters! That was the point where my love of hard rock, glam, heavy metal and hair bands was born.

A jack of many instruments and definitively a master of none, my love of music, composition and lyrics continued to grow into adulthood garnering a love of and spanning almost every genre of music there is…but my hard rock/metal heart always beat the loudest.

My passion for music was not destined to be as a performer (although I’ve not yet totally written that off the bucket list), but rather with my inherited gift of gab and a lack of shyness, it led me to the airwaves. 7 years ago I started on a local community radio station with my own hard rock/heavy metal/hair band show, The Metal Meltdown. The show is exactly what its name represents: a great big melting pot of everything from classic hard rock, to glam and hair metal, to industrial, to prog rock, to goth and power metal with little sprinkles of sometimes just a song I think you need to hear that has no correlation to any of the aforementioned! It’s a musical stew that I’ve concocted for your listening pleasure that I hope you enjoy and brings you back to the table often!

The trip has been an amazing one leading me down the road to Cranium. Happy to be here and happy to be heard! To quote the late Curtis Kay, “Thanks for the use of your ears” and keep it rockin’!

These are partial lyrics to the first song I ever played on air…sums up what we all do pretty well.

“Somethin’s at the edge of your mind, you don’t know what it is
Somethin’ you were hopin’ to find but you’re not sure what it is
Then you hear the music and it all comes crystal clear
The music does the talkin’ says the things you want to hear

I’m young, I’m wild and I’m free
I got the magic power of the music in me
I’m young, I’m wild and I’m free
I got the magic power of the music in me

She climbs into bed,
She pull the covers overhead
And she turns her little radio on
She’s has a rough day
So she hopes the DJ’s gonna play her favorite song
It makes her feel much better,
Brings her closer to her dreams
A little magic power makes it better that it seems.”

– Magic Power by Triumph