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I’ve always had a symbiotic and osmotic relationship with music even before I even entered this world. As my mother carried me with her to music festivals in Europe. As an “Old Soul” I soaked in every bit of influence from anywhere I could get music whether it be my Mom’ and Dad’s records, singing in the car, cleaning the house to Journey on Saturday mornings. Hanging with Grandma in the kitchen listening to Etta James watching her dance along to “Big Band” music. Movie soundtracks, fantasia dubbed by the wall on LSD. Almost every memory of my life is tied and enhanced by the presence of music. ALL MUSIC. As a young girl, I got the opportunity to attend a Middle School in Arizona for kids gifted in the arts. I dabbled in every opportunity that crossed my path. Choir, trumpet, flute, drama etc… I discovered metal with my close friends in High School… well… we were close outside of school. Straight outta Dazed and Confused we all met at the pool hall and we’d go out to the sticks, burn some rubber, some wood, and of course, some weed. All while blasting OZZY and Metallica, Pantera and all the metal in-between. We were “Natural-Born Killers” I still miss my Purple Ibanez from the good ole’ dayz. Metal has changed my life. It is my release from all that is insane and the crazier the metal is, the better I feel. Fast forward to Cranium Radio. I took the leap and haven’t looked back and am forever grateful to all the people who have supported my journey. You all know who you are. I get to filter the station submissions which is great because I love turning people on to great new music they may have never heard. Thank you all for your love and support of all things rock and metal, now go buy some merch