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Viktor Büttner / DJ

Music is pure emotion. Music is pure passion. Music is my passion.
Emotions and passions are subjective. We all feel differently and yet we
often feel the same.

I compose my radio programs according to the feelings that music evokes
in me. Music makes me feel. It doesn’t matter when it was composed, who
composed it, where it was written or what genre it comes from.

I want to share those feelings with you. They are the thread that runs
through all my programs.

My name is Viktor Büttner. I live in Berlin, Germany. Music is my
passion and I am a self-confessed concert junkie. I discovered my love
for radio in 1981 and started presenting my first programs. In 2005 I
had to give up my job, which I thought was my calling, early. In order
not to become a “cabbage on the sofa”, I was forced to look for a new job.

It had always been my dream to talk to the musicians I admired from afar
and listen to their stories. In 2007 I was ready and dared to live this
dream. Over the years, my hobby became my profession, and my dream came true.

I have new dreams and I live them as best I can. Since 2009, I have
conducted about 1500 interviews. Today, my job has become my hobby again
and I’m living it as long as I can.